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Ms. Igene Services, LLC

Ms. Igene Services, LLC

A Wonderful Cleaning Services Company

REFRESHED and INNOVATIVE – Ms. Igene (pronounce [Miss I-Jean]) Services, is a refreshed an innovative approach to the Cleaning Services industry; a service company that completely understands and appreciates Customer’s cleaning needs, wants and desires and is fully committed to meeting and exceeding Customer’s demanding expectations, providing a solution to current industry shortfalls. Ms. Igene Services is committed to three very Special Customers:

• 1) You! Our Loyal Client. Thank you for making us your #1 choice Cleaning Services Company.
• 2) Our Wonderful Team Members (Ms. Igene Services' Employees). The ones that deliver our BRAND product promise.
• 3) Our Precious Planet Earth - As a committed and caring Company, we will continue to use only the Safest and Cleanest materials and products, for your safety and the wellbeing of our planet.

REVOLUTIONARY and INDUSTRY TRANSFORMING – Ms. Igene Services is more than just another Cleaning Services Company; is a revolutionary and industry transforming Company who appreciates the value of “Attention-to-Detail”, High-Standard Customer Service, and always striving for 100% Satisfaction... With our Warranty Stamp!

COMMITTED, TRUSTHWORTHY and LOYAL – Ms. Igene Services’ commitment is to be the Service Company that goes above & beyond of simply going through the motions and mechanical processes; but rather, creating positive emotions that will lead to long lasting business relationships. A business relationship is mutual commitment, trust and loyalty. * Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to help and serve you!

GENUINE and CARING – Ms. Igene’s business philosophy is to deliver the best service in a manner that conveys genuine care; by helping to identify the issues and provide solutions that best fits the Client's cleaning service needs, wants and desires.

UNLIKE and NOTABLE – Ms. Igene Services differs in many aspects from referral cleaning agencies, traditional franchised cleaning organizations and independent self-employed cleaning entities. The following are a few of the more notable differences between Ms. Igene Services and the rest:

  • Ms. Igene Services partners with the Best cleaning service personnel delicately considering proper vetting procedures, in accordance with industry labor laws and guidance, which assures that each Team member possesses the character (trustworthiness and loyalty) and Customer Service aptitude required to represent the Ms. Igene Services brand assurance.
  • Ms. Igene Services is committed to using only the most reliable and safest materials and products in the industry to ensure the safety and security of our Clients, Team Members (employees), and our planet earth.
  • Ms. Igene is fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded to assure the Client and Team members (employees) of our commitment to a job-well-done and the safety and security of your property and love ones.
  • Ms. Igene Services demonstrates commitment to those who help deliver the best service product by ensuring they (Team members) receive the best compensation, possible, required by law meeting state minimum worker’s compensation package requirements and in several cases exceeding those minimum requirements (i.e., minimum hourly wages).
  • Ms. Igene Services assures each Client that they will receive the most cost-effective/efficient, safe, secure and confidential service product the industry can provide – Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

PROBLEM SOLVER – Ms. Igene Services brings what the industry has been lacking up to this point. - An innovated, energized and vibrant approach dedicated to “Elevating the Standard of Clean”. - A well-researched cleaning services Company which brings home a complete sense of dedication and care for what is important to our clients (Safety, Security and Confidentiality).

Mission Statement –

Providing fast, standardized and reliable Cleaning Services, at fair prices, anticipating our actions to possible incidents or requirements. Always seeking and finding excellence in our work, so we can achieve and surpass the most demanding of our customers’ expectations.

Vision Statement –

Striving to be the industry’s leader in Cleaning Services of all types of residences, commercial properties and office spaces. Achieving this, with our Team Members at all levels of the organization, building with tenacity, perseverance, excitement and devotion a solid brand and a financially sound Company that properly rewards the investment of our Team Members. Maintaining a respectful competitive working relationship with our competitors, being sensitive to Team Member’s personal and professional needs, friendly with our suppliers, compliant with authorities, generous with our community, and respectful of the environment. Using materials and products that are not harmful to the health of our clients (and their love ones), Company Team Members and our Planet Earth. – Being a Company that provides its Team Members the best means for training and development, providing them with the best opportunities, better income and better working conditions of the entire sector, for their own benefit and that of their families.

Values –

Our organization brings a system of management by values which prioritize our actions, always, and at all levels.

  • Punctuality, Honesty and Loyalty
  • Passion for Focused Cleaning; motto "Elevating the Standard of Clean!”
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Respect, Integral Development and Training for the Excellence of our Team Members
  • Service Product Cost-Effectiveness/Efficiency
  • Timeliness, Fairness, Tolerance, Good Manners and Courtesy to our Clients.

* Not just another Service Company... Not just a promise, but an Assurance Statement!


Ms. Igene Services, LLC was founded in the summer of 2015 by Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy (Ret.), Marco Vides and his Wife (Sandra Vides). Marco served honorably for over 27 years where he mastered the fields of Physical Security, Law Enforcement and Anti-terrorism - and - where he learned that Leadership, Management, Supervision and Teamwork are all key contributors to Mission Success.

Mr. and Mrs. Vides envisioned NOT just another Cleaning Services Company, but an entire service package of safety, security, trustworthiness, loyalty and confidentiality.

Ms. Igene Services' Brand Value, Management and Marketing is ensured by the precise and detailed care of her Operational Management team’s industry expertise, managerial mastery and entrepreneurship marketing know-how. The following are Mr. and Mrs. Vides’ skills, industry expertise, managerial experience and entrepreneurship marketing know-how contributions:

  • Mrs. Vides (Ms. Igene Services' Operations Manager) is an exquisite Customer Service Ambassador who has mastered the Cleaning Services industry with over 29 years of industry and Customer Service experience. Mrs. Vides’ industry experience brings to Ms. Igene Services and her clients the care, delicate and precision required to deliver the highest standard service Brand Value that the cleaning industry can provide. Mrs. Vides’ genuine concern for people and what matters to them have proven essential to her success within a very demanding industry which settles for nothing less than the very best of who provides subject delicate services. Mrs. Vides’ attention-to-detail, care for her customers and delicate nature makes her the direct representative of Ms. Igene Services’ assurance statement, ensuring that all she and her Cleaning Team members touch will sparkle and shine.
  • Mr. Vides’ (Ms. Igene Services’ General Manager) military leadership, managerial, supervisory and teamwork experience brings to Ms. Igene Services and her clients the assurance of a well-managed Company who is committed to a Job-well-done. Mr. Vides’ world travels have taken him to Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Central and South America, and the Continental United States and Canada where he had an incredible opportunity to experience and learned from wonderful cultures, traditions, folklores and met some of the most amazing people. Mr. Vides’ worldly experiences have provided him a distinct appreciation for people from all walks of life and in particularly, understanding cultural and business similarities with the Western World and abroad.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vides’ combined industry experience, managerial know-how and customers’ needs, wants and desires awareness places Ms. Igene Services in an incredible advantageous position to confidently offer and successfully deliver a Wonderful Cleaning Service Product.
Ms. Igene Services, LLC