Ms. Igene Services, LLC – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Ms. Igene Services we value transparency… Below are a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the services and products provided, pricing and office and personnel management. For more detailed information, please contact us at clean@msigene.com or call us at 1 (818) 918-7174.


How to pronounce Ms. Igene?

Ms. Igene (pronounce [Miss I-Jean])

Point of Contact Information?

Ms. Igene Services, LLC
P.O. BOX 480197
Los Angeles, CA. 90048Telephone: 1 (818) 918-7174
FAX: 1 (323) 641-7211
Website: www.msigene.com
Email: clean@msigene.com

Why should I choose Ms. Igene Services to take care of my Maids, Housekeeping & Cleaning Services?

Ms. Igene is a fully licensed, insured and bonded Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Ms. Igene’s management team has over 25 years of leadership, management and cleaning services operational experience.

Ms. Igene provides personalized/customized residential, commercial and other industry related cleaning services that meet and/or exceeds customers’ needs, wants and desires.

Ms. Igene’s convenient, safe, secure and confidential e-commerce website provides a customer friendly, easy to maneuver, online booking process and secure online payment (Paypal). –

Choose to book your next cleaning service through Ms. Igene’s easy and convenient online booking process and secure payment. It’s Easy! Or, if you prefer, you can request that one of Ms. Igene’s Company Representatives visit you to conduct a (FREE of charge) “walkthrough” of your residence or work space and provide you an estimate consultation.

Ms. Igene will ensure you receive the best quality and quantity work the industry can offer. -
We strive for 100% satisfaction!

Even if you choose to go elsewhere for your cleaning services, Ms. Igene will ensure that you are well informed when making your decision to hire a cleaning services Company.

What is the difference between Ms. Igene Services, LLC – Maids, Housekeeping & Cleaning Services and our great competitors (independent cleaning services provider, live-in housekeepers, referral agencies, and franchise organization?

Ms. Igene Services has an innovated and refreshed Maids, Housekeeping & Cleaning Services business concept that notably differs from the competition:

Ms. Igene provides a safe, secure, and confidential cleaning service which aims at reducing and/or eliminating customers’ anxiety and worries of allowing just any cleaning entity into their homes or place of business.

Ms. Igene’s delivers the best service product brand value to each customer in a manner that conveys genuine care; which helps identify the issues and concerns and assures each customer with a solution that best fits individual needs, wants and desires. – Ms. Igene’s business philosophy is, “Take Care of the Customers and the Customers Will Take Care of the Company.”

The following are a few of the more notable differences between Ms. Igene and the rest:

  • Ms. Igene ensures to hire personnel under the most delicate considerations and only after proper vetting procedures in accordance state and federal guidance and requirements. Each of Ms. Igene’s Team members possess the character, trustworthiness, loyalty and Customer Service aptitude required to represent the Ms. Igene brand value assurance.
  • Ms. Igene is committed to using only the most reliable and safest products and materials in the industry to ensure the safety and security of her customers, Team members and preservation of our planet earth.
  • Ms. Igene is fully licensed, insured and bonded to assure her customers and employees of our commitment to a job-well-done and the safety and security of our customer’s property and love ones.
  • Ms. Igene demonstrates commitment to those who help deliver the best service product to our customers by ensuring they (Team members (employees)) receive the best compensation, possible, required by law meeting state minimum worker’s compensation package requirements and in several cases exceeding those minimum requirements (i.e., minimum hourly wages).

Ms. Igene assures every one of her customers that they will receive the most cost-effective, efficient, safe, secure and confidential service product that the industry can provide – We strive for 100% satisfaction.

What questions should you ask before hiring a cleaning service Company?

Q: Does the Company manage employee’s administrative employment requirements, including but not limited to filing all required state and federal paperwork and paying taxes?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: Does the Company ensures the quality and quantity of service and trustworthiness and promptness of her employees?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: Does the Company hold up-to-date business licenses?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: Does the Company protect me (the customer) against theft, accidental breakage or accidents inside my home and does it hold sufficient business liability insurance?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: Does the Company protect me (the customer) and is the Company bonded?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: What specifically bothers me about my previous cleaning service Company or my current one?

A: Whatever the shortfalls of previous cleaning services were, Ms. Igene will work to alleviate and fix the problem.

Q: If I hire an independent cleaning service provider do I really understand and adhere to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Employer’s Tax Guide?

A: Ms. Igene does. Ms. Igene employs the best Tax Professionals and payroll team available. – Additionally, Ms. Igene is committed to protect her Team members (employees) ensuring each Team member contributes to their Social Security account and that all their State and federal compensations requirements are met.

Q: Does the Company protect me (the customer) by ensuring all Company employees can legally work in the United States and file Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)?

A: Ms. Igene does.

Q: Does the Company have an employer identification number (EIN) and possibly a state number.

A: Ms. Igene does.

What are some items Ms. Igene can help me resolve before booking my next cleaning services?
  • Identify those specific things that bothered you about your previous cleaning service provider and Ms. Igene will fix it.
  • Identify the specific cleaning services you need, want and desire and Ms. Igene will deliver.
  • Identify all measures; from assignment of the most qualified cleaning Team that fits your cleaning service needs, wants and desires, handle secure access to your home or business, attend to your property and consider the safest cleaning products and materials for your home, the health and security of you and your family and, of course, the preservation of our planet earth.
  • Create a personalized/customized account unique only to you annotating all the services and products you feel most comfortable with.
  • Schedule periodic and random “quality and quantity assurance” evaluations of Ms. Igene Team member’s performance and service product brand value delivery.
How do I know if Ms. Igene provides service in my area?

Visit the Ms. Igene’s website (www.msigene.com) and/or call 1 (818) 918-7174 to speak with a Customer Service Representative to ask if Ms.Igene serves your area.

How do I make a booking?

You can make a booking through the Ms. Igene convenient and secure e-commerce website (www.msigene.com), easy pay system (Paypal) and/or call 1 (818) 918-7174 to speak with a Customer Service Representative to assist you.
- We will request some personal information (i.e., name, phone number, address and payment information (using the Paypal easy and convenient pay system))
- We will send a confirm via email.
- We will keep you updated throughout the entire process, from booking until the job is done.


Ms. Igene transparent price chart is available in the Ms. Igene website’s  (www.msigene.com) Services Page. We are not the most inexpensive but, we are the most thorough and complete. – You deserve it!

Ms. Igene has identified one of the most reoccurring issues with the way cleaning services pricing is identified. – Instead of identifying Ms. Igene cleaning services with low prices, Ms. Igene resolves to associate her cleaning service product to her brand value promise. You deserve the Best!

Do I need to be home?

Bottom-line; you are the Boss! But, whether you are home or not, Ms. Igene will provide you the highest quality and quantity service. Guarantee! Ms. Igene will provide you (the customer) piece-of-mind and reduce the anxiety of allowing just anyone into your home or place of business.
If your desire is to allow us to serve you while you are attending to other more pressing things like earning a living or simply living your life to the fullest, Ms. Igene can arrange the safe-guard of a copy of your home’s (or business) key and/or electronic access.

What are Ms. Igene’s hours of operation?

Residential Cleaning Hours: Monday through Sunday (Seven days a week); 7:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m.

Business/Commercial/Industrial Hours: Monday through Sunday (Seven days a week); According to customer’s evening hours needs/wants/desires.

What’s the cancellation policy?

Ms. Igene understand that you are busy and “things happen” … Just give us a call the night before and our operations management will help you reschedule.

Ms. Igene apologizes, beforehand - Please understand that Ms. Igene’s Team members are direct hire employees payed by the hour.

For any “last-minute” (day of scheduled cleaning) changes or cancellation you make to a booking, you’ll be charge 30% of the total cost of the booked cleaning appointment.

Ms. Igene will make every effort to help each customer avoid any unnecessary fees. But, please help Ms. Igene help you. Thank you!

Your complete satisfication is our top priority!

Ms. Igene Services is a licensed, insured and bonded Company who assures each customer a safe, secure and confidential service product. Ms. Igene Services direct hires professionals who are background checked and have been properly trained and equipped to delivered Ms. Igene Services’ service product brand value. You deserve the Best! –

We strive for 100% satisfaction!

Should I tip my cleaning Team?

Should you be most satisfied with Ms. Igene Team member’s great performance and their quality and quantity of work delivered, Ms. Igene would most graciously accept your kind, written, words (i.e., testimonial) for the respective Team members who served you.

Ms. Igene’s vision is to ensure that all customers receive the highest level of service product brand value, always. Your kind feedback, comments and recommendations would help Ms. Igene’s Team repeat great performances and identify and get rid of the not so good ones.

Your feedback, comments and recommendation are extremely important to us continue success and the assurance of delivery of our service product brand value. – We consider this to be a “invaluable” tip. Thank you in advance.