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By means of introduction my name is Marco Vides (you may call me Marc) and I am the proud owner of Ms. Igene Services, LLC.  Ms. Igene is a refreshed, reinvigorating problem solving Cleaning Services Company with an Amazing concept: to understand and appreciate customer’s (industry related) needs, wants and desires; to meet and exceed customer’s demanding expectations; and, to provide a solution to current industry shortfalls.  Ms. Igene is an industry transforming Cleaning Service Company that prides herself on providing the most cost-effective, safe, secure, and confidential service product brand value; simply Elevating the Standard of Clean.  Ms. Igene is committed to three main Customers: 1) Primarily, the external customers (our Clients) who help Ms. Igene become #1 choice Cleaning Service Company within the industry; 2) equally important, the internal customers (Ms. Igene Employees (team members) whose professionalism and dedication makes Ms. Igene the Top Company within the industry assuring delivery of the best quality and quantity service brand value; and, important to all, our planet Earth to which Ms. Igene is committed to protect by using only the safest and cleanest materials and products that the industry can offer.


Thank you for making us your #1 choice Cleaning Services Company.  We’re glad that you have found, in us, what you were looking for.  It is our goal that you are always happy with our Services, so please let us know if you Loved your home’s makeover and/or your business’s new and refreshed look.  We look forward to building beautiful long-lasting business relationships and provide you the level of service you deserve.  Have a Wonderful Day!


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Marc and your friends at Ms. Igene Services, LLC

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Marco Vides

Marco Vides